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Ed Lull – You’re what?!

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I’m a poet.

An early bio on you said you were a retired Navy Commander – a submariner. I want to know how you morphed from a Navy submariner into, of all things, a poet. There must be some stories there.

It has been a lengthy journey with lots of curves and surprise turns – but stories, yes, there are many I could share with you. I’d probably bore you to death.

Well, try me.  What drove you into your first writing project?

In my final year of my English classes at the Naval Academy, the last project (hurdle) I had to get over was a thesis on some topic related to naval history. After weeks of indecision, I settled on researching and writing on England’s preparation to meet the Spanish Armada. Not long into the research, I realized the topic was too broad to cover in a thesis, so I selected a segment of that preparation. The paper was titled: “Sir Francis Drake’s Expedition to Cadiz.” My academics at the Academy were not my strong point; I’d consider myself a mediocre student. However, for that paper, I received a 3.9 (on a 4.0 scale) . I was so fascinated with that period of history, I vowed to return to it, expand on my research, and write a book.

Did you?

I did. However after graduation, life got in the way and my vow was delayed. The book, “Cabin Boy to Captain: A Sea Story,” that incorporates many of Drake’s adventures was written in blank verse and published as a historical novel – 50 years later.

Edward W. Lull

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